Ashley Hausch

Artist Statement

My collection is inspired by the idea that feminine can be synonymous with powerful, that strength can embrace the soft and delicate, that vulnerability does not mean weakness. This collection was inspired by those in search of beauty in everyday life. By those who are unwilling to compromise their vision of a world in which people inspire each other to be the best person they can be.

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Silk Taffeta Afternoon Tea Dress with plaid embroidered bodice and cotton piping. This design features an off the shoulder yoke and full sleeves.


Silk taffeta space age cowgirl dress with bishop sleeves and fringe detail.

Artist Bio

Growing up in Duluth Ashley displayed a keen sense of style from a very young age. She first became interested in vintage clothing and fashion history at the age of 13, inspired by frequent antiquing trips every other weekend with her mother. Ashley hopes to eventually restore and conserve historical garments for museums. She believes that fashion is the most accessible form of art and the most personal. Her goal is to use the body as a living, breathing canvas and to inspire others to do the same.

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