Hawa Corneh

Artist Statement

My collection is influenced by African traditional clothing and rendered in modern fabrics. I wish to create garments that appeal to all people. My motivation comes from my father who always encouraged me to be true to myself and to keep challenging myself. I want people to wear clothes that represent who they truly are.

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This is a Maxi Skirt and a Crop Top with a Asymmetrical neck line made of 100% cotton printed African fabric and a woven black polyester blend.


This is an evening dress with a puff sleeves made of 100% cotton printed African fabric and a woven black polyester blend.

Artist Bio

Hawa was born in West Africa, Liberia. She was raised in a neighborhood where some of the people could afford expensive clothing while others couldn’t. She was impressed to see families at events wearing coordinated and stylish outfits and admired the fabrics from a distance, imagining herself making those outfits. At home Hawa learned much by watching her cousin sew. Soon she began making clothes for her dolls after school. As a high school graduation gift, Hawa’s father – may his soul rest in peace – gave her a sewing machine.

After moving to the United States many years later she was told that she had only one option if she wanted to be a success in this country – to become a nurse. After taking a couple of nursing courses, which she loved, she heard of the Apparel Technology program at MCTC. This became a game changer for her. She realized that she could utilize her experience and the skills she had learned in Liberia. Hawa enjoys working with fabrics and especially enjoys group projects, sharing ideas with classmates and making things every day.

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