Jen Beaupre

Artist Statement

I was inspired by the oceans to create a vibrant line of swimwear. The collection incorporates transparency, texture and my own hand drawn printed fabric.

pattern pattern pattern

A double layered full silk skirt, over a one piece swim suit with a cut out back and transparent straps.


A knit wrap skirt with a train over a strapless bikini and sun hat.

Artist Bio

Jen has been an artist all of her life. In 2009 Jen graduated from MCAD with a major in Illustration. She then discovered the MCTC Apparel Technologies program in 2016. The skills she has learned at MCTC combined with her illustration background have given Jen a platform for her creative expression.

Jen is inspired by the Earth and universe around her. She enjoys all aspects of designing from sketching and pattern-making to sourcing the perfect materials. Jen plans to utilize her fine art background by exploring textile design to create her own prints and fabrics.

pattern pattern pattern