Jennifer Taylor James

Artist Statement

I am inspired by fabric and the story it tells. This line is a reflection on transitions, both literal and figurative. The collection tells a story of inevitable natural evolution, the passing of time, and the purposeful transition when we re-imagine ourselves.

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Multi-transitional look comprised of high waisted shorts with dupioni cape and top with jacquard accents.


Pleated floor length asymmetrical column.

Artist Bio

Jennifer Taylor James fell in love with the bustles and hoopskirts of an earlier age. Unable to find an outlet for that passion while living in Montana, she resorted to other pursuits. After many years of trying to put a square peg into the round hole, she found her way into the world of the performing arts and costuming. At MCTC’s Apparel Technologies program she found her people – those people who geek out over similar things. She also found teachers determined to teach her to sew and design the right way. She believes that there is no better time than the present to dream and to do.

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