Katherine Elliot

Artist Statement

My aesthetic is clean, contemporary and architectural with attention to quality fabrics, details and construction. I love to take traditional materials and classic design and give it a nontraditional twist.

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Embroidered Tulle on Sweater paired with Faux Patent Leather Pants.


Bias Hammered Silk Charmeuse gown.

Artist Bio

At the early age of 3 Katherine began drawing pictures in the bottom of her ice cream bowl with her spoon and left over melted chocolate. She would draw for hours on end at a little table – her happy place – constructed by her father. She also dreamed up fashion designs and collaborated with her mother to make her dresses. The two of them created an A-line dress with metallic trim and a velvet dress with faux fur but her favorite was a cherry red faux patent-leather skirt. Wearing these to school and coming up with new ideas for fabrics and textures is what kept her sane while sitting at her boring metal school desk. Restyling her girl scout uniform earned her a reprimand from the troop leader when she arrived wearing a pair of matching green plaid bell bottoms and a turtleneck with the requisite girl scout sash. She continued through middle school and high school taking as many art classes as possible. Fashion models were her favorite subject to draw. After high school she pursued a degree in Interior Design. After establishing herself as a commercial interior designer with exposure to a world of architecture and travel, Katherine is now taking the chance to follow her dream of designing fashion.

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