Tierney Houdek

Artist Statement

I named my clothing company Thraxis, a word meaning theory into practice. I am inspired by the people of Minneapolis and I hope to promote healing and growth through unity. My collection showcases my own hand-dyed screen printed and painted fabrics. Thraxis is meant to encourage action and communicate a message of hope and mindfulness.

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This look shows a scarf made with Iridescent gold silk, other patchwork fabric, and organic hemp. The pants show hand screen printed Ponte knit with gold grommets.


This dress has a combination of hand dyed fabric with metallic lycra, and a copper lined hood.

Artist Bio

Tierney Houdek is a Minneapolis-based fashion designer with nearly two decades of experience. She began sewing at age 10 and by the time she was in high school was selling her original garments at local boutiques. In 2010 she took her first production job at St. Croix Knits in Winona, MN where she excelled at industrial looping, sewing and embroidery. After relocating to the Twin Cities in 2012 she worked at Sassy Knitwear, where sustainable fabrics are dyed in-house and garments are designed, cut, sewn and sold entirely out of their South Minneapolis studio. Tierney was already incorporating recycled materials into her own designs and this experience furthered her drive to create ethically made clothing. That mindset is now the cornerstone to her own clothing company – Thraxis Threads. She has done professional costuming for stage performers including Tickle Torture, live theater and editorial photoshoots. Currently she has a collection of nearly ten sewing machines in her studio. Tierney will be graduating from MCTC’s Apparel Technologies program this summer.

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